About Us

Welcome to ValidNaija, Nigeria’s information and entertainment portal. We’re dedicated to giving you the most valid info, updates and tips to improve your day to day activity, with a focus on dependability, uniqueness and to be your own personal one-stop website and portal for valid info.

Founded and planned in the year 2019 under Ashpex Ltd, ValidNaija has been working hard to bring about the best for Nigerians when it comes to online helpful information. When Samuel Arowosafe who was the founder of Ashpex Ltd and its co businesses first started out, his passion for tech, blogs and cyber solutions was very strong and now find a better way to solve people’s day to day activities problems.

We hope you like this website as much as we enjoy sharing with you a very useful and valid info which can keep you updated in every aspect. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Samuel Arowosafe, CEO.