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Is MNR Legit (Is My Naija Reviews Scam)

Is MNR Legit (Is My Naija Reviews Scam)

Welcome, I guess you landed here because you searched “is MNR Legit” or want to know if my naija reviews is a scam or legit then this is the right mnr review for you which is guaranteed to be a honest review for you.

Making thorough research before investing on any online platform is the best way to prevent yourself from scam and you know without investing money sometimes, on cannot make enough money, so i won’t advise you not to invest in any online business or investment but my advise for you is to always make a thorough research before taking the step.

There are so many online platform claiming to be an online investment platform that have crashed especially in Nigeria but before crashing, they pay some people and make sure some members get their invested money back while some looses their money, in this review we will look at some algorithms to know if My Naija Reviews (MNR) is a scam or not.

This full review will involve; What is MNR, how does mnr work, when did mnr start, is mnr a scam, is mnr legit and mnr review, now lets start.

What is MNR (My Naija Reviews)

MNR also known as My Naija Review as the name implies, it a Nigerian website that claim to pay you to drop review of a product, services, movies, et cetera. Also classified as a social media where you make friends and meet new people. They also hold weekly challenges that chooses 10 winners for each challenge with news integration for news lovers. According to the website, it is made by Nigerians for Nigerians.

How does MNR work (My Naija Reviews)

Is MNR Legit (Is My Naija Reviews Scam) my naija reviews review

My Naija Reviews (MNR) Pays you to drop review on any product or services as I’ve said earlier, dropping a review for product or services you did not try or have not yet tried? Will that be a honest review from you? That’s not the case for now so let’s continue.

When did MNR start (My Naija Review)

According to Whois checker, the website’s domain name is said to be purchased on February, 2013 which doesn’t guarantee you are fully safe as most people buy an existing domain or buy them and keep renewing them for a long time so people can believe they have been in existence for a while. But sometimes, older domain name sometimes mean a long lasting plan for a business.

According to Wayback Machine, the website was fully updated late 2021 which was later fully online in 2022, what’s wrong all these years? We don’t know, but I Think I saw a post on Kemifilani.ng (2017) saying MyNaijaReview is giving out ₦5,000 cash to any new subscriber.

Is MNR Legit (Is My Naija Reviews Scam) my naija reviews review

Is MNR A Scam (My Naija Reviews)

The algorithm of the website is somehow suspicious as you are been paid to drop a review for a product or service you have not tried before, but with you trying to make money, you will definitely drop a 5 stars or 4 stars because you are definitely reviewing to make money which makes some reviews on the website Ingenuine.

And right now cannot be fully classified as a scam as you need to follow your instinct for such programs as it is a free registration and remember it involves social media which you can make more friends and meet new people, chat with friends, news and so on.

Is MNR Legit (My Naija Reviews)

Telling you My Naija Reviews (MNR) is legit may later eventually lead to my fault because I haven’t seen any recent payment proof from the platform and as I have said earlier;

Follow your instinct

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  • Salaudeen
    August 6, 2022 at 4:56 pm

    I’ve registered and requested for withdrawal, hope they will pay me I will give 2 star, if they pay, I may change it back

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