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IS VILARI LEGIT OR SCAM? Vilari.ltd Review

IS VILARI LEGIT OR SCAM? Vilari.ltd Review

Welcome, I guess you landed here because you searched Is Vilari Legit, scam, paying, want to know if it is a scam or legit then this is the right Vilari review for you which is guaranteed to be a honest review for you.

Making thorough research before investing on any online platform is the best way to prevent yourself from scam and you know without investing money sometimes, one cannot make enough money, so I won’t advise you not to invest in any online business or investment but my advise for you is to always make a thorough research before taking the step.

There are so many online platform claiming to be an online investment platform that have crashed especially in Nigeria but before crashing, they pay some people and make sure some members get their invested money back while some looses their money In this review we will look at some algorithms to know if it is a scam or not.

You will know in this full review which will involve; What it is all about, how does it work, when did it start, is Vilari a scam, is it legit and its review, now lets start.

Vilari is a new platform which you may search for Vilari.ltd review or may want to know if it is legit or a scam platform then you are in the right place for your research, just make sure you read to the end and drop your own review in the comment section to help others know your experience on the platform

Making money online using your smartphone is a topic that has been discussed for decades. The internet has made it possible for people to work from home or with smartphone anywhere and make money from the comfort of their own space.

Before reading please take note; Validnaija is not paid to write this post as the post is based on researches and public users’ experience and it is an honest review letting you know about it before signing up for it. (This is a review based on public view, public research and public opinion as we might have or might not have tried the product or membership before writing this review)

What is Vilari.ltd

Vilari Is web-based development that works as mining platform whereby you mine to earn a particular reward

About Vilari (From their website)

We are engaged in speculative trading on global trading platforms such as: Binance, Bybit, Bitfinex. We have our own developed risk-management strategy, which allows us to conduct coordinated risk-management actions, designed to reduce the impact of uncertainty on the financial result.

We have also developed a fully automated and optimized bot that tracks trends, values and statistics of all the NFTs that our traders trade through. Our automated bot tracks trends in current NFTs and participates in pre-sales from multiple accounts and then sells at a higher price.

Our successful experience with NFT marketplaces led to the creation of our own sustainable digital art investment algorithms, which contributed to the creation of our own virtual VILARI marketplace products and the development of trading services to be launched in 2023.

Our company managed to accumulate finances in various cryptocurrencies, enough to launch VILARI EXCHANGE project within several investment years. Our service will be able to significantly reduce the cost of fees, as well as provide exchange services to third parties. ( Launch of VILARI EXCHANGE in 2023 ).

Each customer should be interested in maximum details about our company before starting our mutual cooperation, since this allows to provide all the required registration documents and increases the trust level.

We started cooperating with our private investors and officially registered our company in 2022.

VILARI is registered at 63 St. Mary Ax, London, England, EC3A 8AA. The head office is located there as well, which legal address is available to each client.

When did Vilari Start – How long has it been online

IS VILARI LEGIT, scam, paying or real. Vilari.ltd Review or

According the the public Whois, Vilari.ltd domain was registered on 24th September, 2022 showing it is still very new as at the moment this post was published and a strong reminder to be careful and invest what you can afford to loose. View WHois here

How Does Vilari Work

Vilari works on percentage investment style just like some previously crashed investment platforms that really affect many People. You invest a particular amount of money ranging from $25 to $100,000 depending on what you wish to invest and you earn 3.2% per day on any money you invest Let dive into full Vilari review

Is Vilari Free or paid (Registration)

It offer free membership, with no premium membership which attracts different rewards according however, you may need to pay to invest in order to earn from them at least $25, the money you invest determine how much you will earn in return. you want to invest and that doesn’t mean they are legit.

Vilari Membership and Minimum deposit

  • Registration fee = Free (Investment might be required)
  • Renewal = Not stated
  • Other plans = No
  • Compulsory referral = Maybe (Not stated)
  • Other upgradable membership product = No (Might require investment fee later)

How to earn on Vilari

  • You earn from 3.2% per day on any money you invest

How to withdraw on Vilari

  • Payout for referral commission = Not stated
  • We couldn’t find much information on the website

Is Vilari legit – is Vilari.ltd Legit?

According to our research, we found out earnings on the platform is unlimited which most people like and may lure them in to the website. We cannot basically classify them as legit as we have not seen any payment proof online to proof they are legit.

Well, the website seems suspicious as the way the website make money is not publicly revealed

Is Vilari A Scam? – is Vilari.ltd a scam

The website seems to be like other ponzi scheme and risky income websites that have previously crashed, as it is now, there might not be any scam report but as time goes on that is when the problem usually come from. This cannot basically judge them or mark them as a scam as we have not seen any bad report about them.

We discovered that antivirus Software mark the website as “Phishing” website which means it is a fake copy of an original website and this prevents vilari.ltd from loading on any Pc or mobile phone that has an antivirus on it as a warning is being displayed.

In Conclusion

If you have any experience with them kindly drop you star rating in the comment form so as to help others know before depositing any money on the platform.

Any investment you want to make, make sure you invest what you can afford to loose. I cannot say of it is legit or a scam as we have not seen any payment proof of users or heard about how it has scammed.

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