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How To Make DJ YK And Other DJs Use My Sound On TikTok

How To Make DJ YK And Other DJs Use My Sound On TikTok

The reason you might want to make DJ YK and other DJs use your sound on tiktok is because you want to make your video trend and become more popular but you know messaging a celebrity might be a very bold step to take because you will need some level of luck before they can reply your messages either on Instagram, Facebook, tiktok and other social media they use.

Reason why celebrities find it difficult to reply fans’ messages on social media

Nowadays, people’s goal to become celebrity is even more than becoming a loyal fan, may sound funny right? But that’s the real fact about it.

Everybody wan turn celebrity, now if everybody turn celebrity, who go con be fan

By Netizens

The reason why celebrities ignore message is because they have so much messages in their DM and also may be lazy to reply those messages so you shouldn’t be that annoyed when your messages are ignored as it is not their fault to ignore your messages.

It takes luck and the grace of God for your messages to be replied when sent to celebrities. You can also tag them on posts to pass your message across to them.

Why is DJ YK trending on TikTok

How To Make DJ YK And Other DJs Use My Sound On TikTok
Dj Yk’s music cover

DJ YK started trending ever since he made a beat which a guy was dancing in a party and his friends was hyping him shouting his name and waris was vibing and dancing legworks with his shiny shoe. This beat started trending on TikTok in this year early January which also made waris popular and started going to live shows just for his dance steps

How To Make DJ YK And Other DJs Use My Sound On TikTok

How To Make DJ YK And Other DJs Use My Sound On TikTok

As i said earlier, sending messages to celebrities may be some hard tasks because you have high snubbing probability and your message is just one part of hundreds if not thousands of private messages the celebrity will have.

DJ YK only uses your sound to produce a danceable beat for TikTok videos now, all you will need is just the audio (Funny recommended) or voice note if it is a WhatsApp voice note and don’t forget you can also send DJ YK videos which he can possibly extract the sound and use it for his beats but audio is always recommended because with only audio, DJ YK will find it easier without the need of extracting audio from a video again.

Ways you can send DJ YK a sound to produce beat for TikTok

  1. Send him a DM on Instagram

    Send him a message with the voice note on Instagram, make it short and straightforward.

  2. Make a video and tag him using @ mentioning

    You can just screen record the voice note or sound from it source covering the user’s identity and post it on TikTok or instagram tagging him using the @ mentioning (TikTok @djykmule)

  3. Drop a comment about it

    Drop a comment on one of his video letting him know you have sent him a DM with a voice note and your username either on Instagram or TikTok if you can send him.

  4. Give other DJs so your sound can trend

    If DJ YK is not responding either on Facebook or Instagram, you can send it to other DJs just to make sure it reaches people and start trending

In Conclusion

TikTok is now one of the fastest growing social media around the world and now increasing in usage in Nigeria early this year because people believe they can earn a living and make cool cashes on the app just by creating content, gathering followers, going live while people send them gifts, making engaging videos which people can send them gift for the nice video. To make your sound trend, don’t forget to follow my simple steps listed above.

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