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Newsforum.ng Review (Is Newsforum.ng Legit or a Scam)

Newsforum.ng Review (Is Newsforum.ng Legit or a Scam)

Newsforum.ng is a new platform which you may search for newsforum.ng review or may want to know if newsforum.ng is legit or a scam platform then you are in the right place for your research, just make sure you read to the end and drop your own review in the comment section to help others know your experience on newsforum.ng.

Making money online using your smartphone is a topic that has been discussed for decades. The internet has made it possible for people to work from home or with smartphone anywhere and make money from the comfort of their own space.

Before reading please take note; Validnaija is not paid to write this post as the post is based on researches and public users’ experience and it is an honest review letting you know about newsforum.ng before signing up for it.

What is Newsforum.ng (Newsforum.ng review)

Newsfurum.ng Review (Is Newsforum.ng Legit or a Scam) how to withdraw on newsforum.ng how does newsforum.ng work
Newsforum.ng forum section

Newsfurum.ng is a website that claim to provide general news updates in the Nigerian sector. It is an all-in-one news website with different categories like, health, business, technology, entertainment and much more.

This site claims to provide Nigerians ways to earn money as well as providing them the latest Nigerian and international news with an added forum section.

When did Newsforum.ng Start – How long has it been online

As said in the prelaunch WhatsApp group, it was fully launched on 1st of August, 2022 and according the the public Whois, the domain was registered on 7th July, 2022 showing it is still very new and a strong reminder to be careful and invest what you can afford to loose. View WHois here

How Newsforum.ng Works

Newsfurum.ng is an online earning platform that promises to help you earn money from home. The platform doesn’t offer a wide range of ways to earn money as there are limits to daily earning and also a maximum amount you can withdraw at the end of the month, you can also top up and pay bills with the VTU integration on the website.

Newsfurum is now one of the platform that claim to provide ways to make extra income at home and it’s really simple as they claim. All you need is a smartphone or pc and internet connection, no prior experience needed.

Is Newsforum.ng Free or paid (Newsforum.ng Registration)

Newsforum offers only premium membership which allows you to earn a limited amount of cash as it seems they work to prevent future crash like other platform but prefer to run with little earnings per day and per month.

Newsforum.ng Membership product

Newsfurum.ng Review (Is Newsforum.ng Legit or a Scam) how to withdraw on newsforum.ng how does newsforum.ng work
Newsforum.ng membership product

Membership fee = ₦2,000

Renewal = Per Year

Other plans = No

Compulsory referral = Maybe, as it is not stated publicly on the website

Other upgradable membership product = No

Free membership can only top up and pay bills with the VTU integration on the website

How to earn on Newsforum.ng

Commission for affilate = ₦1,000 (50%)

Reading news = ₦25 (25 news) daily

Replying to at least 1 forum topic daily = ₦25

Creating at least 1 forum topic daily = ₦50

Dropping testimonial review – ₦100

How to withdraw on Newsforum.ng

Payout for referral commission = ₦1,000 minimum, Payout every week (Saturdays)

Payout for activities earnings = ₦3,000 minimum and maximum payout on the last day of every month.

Payment to bank accounts only

Is Newsforum.ng legit or a scam?

According to our research, we found out earnings on newsforum is very limited which most people don’t like but some do because it looks like a platform that is ready to pay and not ready to crash anytime soon, if you have any experience with them kindly drop you star rating in the comment form so as to help others know before purchasing the membership fee on the platform.

I cannot say of it is legit or a scam as we have not seen any payment proof of users or heard about how it has scammed.

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