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Reason Why 86fb Is Closing Down – Challenges 86fb Face That Make Them Crash

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People really need to know the reason why 86fb is closing down and the challenges 86fb face that make them crash. It is very sad for people who have recently invested in this platform especially people who invested more than what they can easily afford.

Did you recently invest on 86fb? are you confused about why 86fb is crashing? Have you been paid before then try to invest more because they have paid you? are you about to withdraw when they close? Do you want to withdraw your money on 86fb before they close down finally? if any of these question is your, then you need to read this full article to know the reason why 86fb is closing down and to know the challenges 86fb face that make them crash.

About 86fb before they crash

Reason Why 86fb Is Closing Down - Challenges 86fb Face That Make Them Crash

86fb is an online gambling platform where all registered members can earn money by betting on their platform games. According to the platform, 86FB was founded in May 2015 and is part of the City Football Group.

86fb operates like other businesses which are related to football in major cities around the world. in the world, such as football clubs, academies, technical support and marketing companies. 86FB Football’s mission is to increase football participation on and off the field, seek and nurture the best football scores and analytics talent, and provide a wonderful, state-of-the-art game.

Hedge fund project competition result. We develop a sustainable and socially responsible organization by doing these projects: playing attractive football, undertaking the simplest investment projects, attracting our passionate fanbase, and employing unique global and local methods that match football’s meaning.

“urban” for people. The only official soccer counter platforms in Nigeria are 86w and 86z owned by 86fb and there are physical businesses around; Look for official platforms. Earning on 86fb is so easy that anyone can join and earn on the platform.

You’re good to go as soon as you have a smartphone and internet access. Signing up on the platform gives you up to three games to play every day.


Reason Why 86fb Is Closing Down And Why They Are Crashing

Reason Why 86fb Is Closing Down - Challenges 86fb Face That Make Them Crash

Has 86fb’s football Ponzi investment collapsed yet? Is Investing In 86fb Football Ponzi Still Paying Off? Currently 86 fb football is having payment issues at the time of writing this post.

Believe it or not, the goal of every business is to make money and some business target also to pay their members and allow them earn also for the business to trend and keep evolving.

Once a site has withdrawal issues, the next thought for any member is how to withdraw as soon as possible.

Reason Why 86fb Is Closing Down - Challenges 86fb Face That Make Them Crash

Reason Why 86fb Is Crashing

When the admins finally fix the problem, everyone will start withdrawing and only a few will deposit again. Once the admins realize this they can’t afford to be at a loss so they go offline and the site crashes.

I’ve been promoting it as a Ponzi scheme for almost a month, but the temporary benefits make everyone seem comfortable. She even denied IFC on Twitter.

For every 10 people escaping in a Ponzi scheme accident, 100 more were trapped, for every 100 escaping, 1000 more were trapped in such scheme. You don’t want to keep making these financial mistakes. can smell pyramid schemes from afar.

What 86fb crashing causes to Nigeria

Nigerians have recently faced an increase in Ponzi schemes, which are common during economic downturns.

(SEC) The Securities and Exchange Commission  is really aware about the resurgence of the so called Ponzi schemes and illegal fund managers in the Nigeria’s financial sector.

The Commission previously warned stakeholders and the investing public about the activities of some illegal/unlicensed market operators and fraudulent scheme promoters, and listed 12 fraudulent Ponzi schemes with false claims about investments and
returns cracking down on illegal capital market operators.

Particularly Ponzi scheme operators, as the Commission has identified their activities as a major problem for the economy and the country in general.

The lie people did not notice about 86fb from the start

Reason Why 86fb Is Closing Down - Challenges 86fb Face That Make Them Crash

86FB, a football-focused investment platform that claims to be working with William Hill, a global online betting company based in London, England, to integrate probabilities and statistics, lies or not??

They may have crashed now. This is because several high-profile pyramid schemes in Nigeria have recently failed. It also found that the platform, which is said to be owned by City Football Group, is not owned by the Abu Dhabi-based company that owns Manchester City Football Club in England. How on earth can people not notice this????

This is very sad for people who have invested whole heatedly on 86fb because not, you payment is no more sure or guaranteed and we can’t say they won’t pay you nor say they will accept your withdrawal and pay you.



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