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Why Sango Ilorin Kwara State Doesn’t Have Nepa Light (National Grid) – Zango Residents Opinion

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In Nigeria, especially sango ilorin kwara state, people complain why sango residents doesn’t have NEPA light from day one which some people believe it wasn’t like that before.

In this post, there is some light shed from the sango residents on why they don’t have light and why NEPA keeps extorting them of the light ransom without giving them light after paying a lot of money for the light.

Why Sango Ilorin Kwara State Doesn't Have Nepa Light (National Grid) - Zango Residents Opinion

Buying fuel for everyday activities can be very costly when it comes to normal cost of living for a middle rich person. That is why people depend so much on the National grid electricity which is known in Nigeria as NEPA Light because they believe it is very cheap and effective in some aspects.

As fuel price keeps mooning and going up everyday due to the economy of the country, people tends to look for a better solution either using fuel and generator to power houses and offices, and others who can afford a solar system which uses the sun but somehow more cost than that of a generator and National grid electricity.

Why Sango Ilorin Kwara State Doesn't Have Nepa Light (National Grid) - Zango Residents Opinion

Why Sango Ilorin Kwara State Doesn’t Have Nepa Light

According to some people they say due to the Sango residents’ abuse of the NEPA staffs, this lead to some misunderstanding with Nepa workers and the Sango residents, and a rumor was spread accross the area that one of the Nepa staff did some attempt to do bad for the residents by destroying with style their grid category.

Some people claim the sango area grid is faulty and have not been attended to because no influenced person or a very popular individual is living there. They say because people living there are just normal middle rich people who doesn’t have much influence.

According to Alfa Obalowu On Facebook

Sango Kulende is a place in which Nepa is extorting the terrible masses ,the region is fill-up with involved humans that don’t have any lighting fixtures however pay Ransom to Nepa with out mild, while see mild nepa is dispensing bill, after distribution no greater mild till while nepa need to accumulate cash from harmless citizens,or slicing cord from the pole , after then no greater mild once more unflinching excuse we come, like one pole fel down at sao interior water and that they can’t input d water or at oyin bridge,there we be darkness for one month, what did we do ? Nepa why ,? Government of d day please rescue us from this urgly situation,we don’t have any in which to run to, many homes have vacated, many homes positioned on the market to there own ,, no appropriate road , no water ,are we now no longer a part of kws, is it due to the fact we preserve quiet, demise in silence,oh God, mosquito bites our children, no authorities hospital, no cottage hospital,pls authorities of d day come see to our problems

Why Sango Ilorin Kwara State Doesn't Have Nepa Light (National Grid) - Zango Residents Opinion

Other Options you can use apart from other National Grid (NEPA Light)

Solar Light

Though, getting complete solar system is very cost in Nigeria in the era of bad economy but trying to get a complete solar system is one of the best option you can use apart from NEPA Light (National Grid) in Nigeria.


Getting generator is one of the popular choice and other option people tend to prefer more than others because on can easily get it up and running without much cost things to buy at once but the cost of maintaining it may be a little bit cost when calculated from far back when you got the generator

Note: This article is just based on the opinions of people living around sango area in ilorin nigeria.




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